Bahban is a fashion house established in 2013 and based in Madrid, Spain. Recognized by a balance of shadows and light, collections for women and men evoke a serene and powerful universe tinged with a happy spirit.

Masculine and feminine elements flow throughout each piece, since the silhouettes fuse the presence of the noble materials with sensual forms and the security of the person.

Union of the most modern classicism and the radical touch of music and contemporary art, each design captures strength and sensitivity in equal parts.We want to eliminate anxiety and frustration of being fashionable  because fashion is fun and we believe in optimism .

We want to talk about the taste for the beautiful things, our craft and our ideas.

We design fashion accessories and we make them handmade in our workshop in Madrid, with the best Spanish materials, so you can enjoy them wherever you are

We offer a contemporary version of a versatile luxury, with a careful preparation, for people with different tastes and lifestyles.

Training for ‘sewing’ Future        

In Bahban we believe in the dignity of all people and that everyone deserves a hope , and the best way is through their work.

Code of Ethic       

In Bahban only we use leathers from meat industry. We do not use leathers from animals not raised for food as the main destination.

We do not use any leather of exotic animals.

Dyes try to be as less harmful to the environment. We use recyclable paper bags and easily reusable cloth bags , that can be washed and can be used for long.

All materials are of domestic origin , which assure us that have been tampered with working conditions following the Spanish and European legislation.

People who work with us are hired by law and people who work as freelance , which are discharged in the registers of autonomous etc. and a worthy according to their knowledge .

Each product is own design and made in our atellier in Spain. We only use  the best materials as Spanish leathers, wicker marrow, cotton, etc., from domestic suppliers who personally we visit and directly we deal with.

We think that one of the pillars of the economy and the world balance is responsible consumption in order to keep the planet in which we live and to make coherent use of natural means available .

We are in the present, but we think in future, because a responsible company achieves Sustainable Development.

“development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

 “Buy different . Store option with ideal fashion accessories proposals on the new route of shopping


“Accessories care to detail”

” On the top. The glamor is worn on the head”


Clears the mind causes feeling of peace and tranquility


“A lot of handbags in one”


“I fall in love again of a backpack”

” Glam + back + tech. Especially dedicated to women who need to reconcile work and style”


“Denim chic”