The Spanish designer Juanjo Larriba is the artistic director of Bahban since its inception, after a long career designing costumes for theater and television and having gone through the academic world as a professor at IED Madrid.

Trained at the School of Design of Madrid, he is also a leather specialist and his work fuses a seductive conscience with a spirit of rebellion and sophistication.

He understands fashion as a form of communication, that’s why he likes to design simple, useful and durable accessories for real people who appreciate handmade things. He knows the importance of people and crafts.




He is the CEO of Bahban. Defend the long-term vision of the power of independence and creativity. It wants to decisively position the company for its next generation of growth. Is convinced that the future of the luxury industry is based on the integrity and authenticity of the brand, encompassing talent, not squeezing it, partnering with suppliers and merging people’s skills with new technologies.

Anastasio Calvo began his professional career as an independent economist, after passing through IE in Madrid, advising small businesses. Focused on the area of ​​management and processes, it always focuses on people as the cornerstone of the organization.