Leather care

Leather care

All Bahban leather products are made ​​with the best Premium Spanish leathers that we selected personally. Small irregularities or marks clould be present even in the most luxurious , but that does not mean they are flaws but characteristics of natural materials.

To maintain the natural beauty of the leather we do not recommend the use of any product, just use a dry cotton cloth.

Leather , as natural material , reacts to humidity . To protect the leather from rain, it  should dry immediately with a dry cotton cloth and leave it in a shady spot , never next to a heat source .

Leather is not subjected to water repellent treatment to preserve the nature and smoothness.

In case of suede productshang and let dry on a hanger. After a little brushing to restore natural texture it is enough.

Never leave a leather item in the sun for long. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can discolor or distort the item and can not be corrected later.

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